Women’s Fashion Tech Pack Bundle

  • 1 Women’s Normal Croquis Templates (7 heads)
  • 1 Women’s Fashion Croquis Templates (9 head – 5 poses)
  • 1 Women’s Tech Pack Template
  • 20 Women’s Vector Flats (Front and Back)
  • 3 Bill Of Material Templates
  • 2 Measurement List Templates
  • 1 Styles Measurement Tolerance Document

These are digital downloads to be used directly on a computer/tablet, or to be printed out in a physical form.

$ 99.00


The Women’s Fashion Tech Pack Bundle contains:


1 Women’s Normal Croquis Templates. 7 heads. In PDF format.


1 Women’s Fashion Croquis Templates. 9 head – 5 poses. In PDF format.


1 Women’s Tech Pack Template. Containing 6 pages describing the garment in Adobe Illustrator (.ai) format. Easy for you to modify into your own style. Paste and alter one of the vector flats. Add your own information.


20 Women’s Vector Flats (Front and Back). These can be copied and pasted into the tech pack template from this Women’s Fashion Teck Pack Bundle. In Adobe Illustrator (.ai) format. The vector flats are:

  1. Tank Top
  2. Skinny Tank Top
  3. T-Shirt 1
  4. T-Shirt 2
  5. Long Sleeve
  6. Long Sleeve Raglan
  7. Shirt
  8. Knit Sweater
  9. Tight Dress
  10. Long Dress
  11. Outdoor Jacket
  12. Outdoor Anorak
  13. Suit Jacket
  14. Suit Pant
  15. Outdoor Pant
  16. Jeans
  17. Running Short
  18. Short
  19. Long Skirt
  20. Underwear – Bra and Panties   


3 Bill Of Material Templates. In Excel format

  1. One T-Shirt & Longsleeve template
  2. One Pants template
  3. One Performance Jacket template

2 Measurement List Templates. These are empty frames. You fill out your garment’s measurements. In Excel & Numbers formats.

  1. One Women’s Hoodie Measurement List
  2. One Women’s T-Shirt Measurement List


1 Styles Measurement Tolerance Document. In Excel & Numbers formats.



About The Fashion Tech Pack

The tech pack is the most important document in your product development process. It is needed in all areas of bringing your brand to the market. The patterns are made based on the tech pack, the sourcing is done depending on what materials and trims you want and the price calculation is based on the sketch of your garment. The sketches can later be used in your line sheet and workbook. A tech pack is required for all styles in your collection. One garment = one tech pack


About The Bill Of Materials

A Bill Of Materials, or BOM,  is a comprehensive list of components required to make your product, as well as for instructions required for gathering and using the required materials. You use a BOM for communication between you and manufacturing partners.


The BOM functions as the recipe and shopping list for creating your final product. It explains what, how, and where to buy required materials, and includes instructions for how to assemble the product from the various components ordered.


About The Measurement List

Add your intended measurements, depending on the product design. Maybe your design is very loose-fitting or very tight, the measurements depend on the design. On the measurement lists template, you have the main measurement points, but of course, you can add more if there are specific details that you want to have specific measurement indications on. 
The measurement lists are empty of measurements. In the document there are 4 sections:
  1. M-List_Sample report, with the main measurement points and tolerance 
  2. Grading: fill out the grading with the help of your manufacturer, by help from a pattern maker or by measuring competitor products in the different sizes.
  3. Comments: In this section, you can write the product comments after you have made changes on your prototypes. It’s good to keep all comments and changes in one document together with the measurements. 
  4. How To Measure: Here you should have a picture of your own design with lines indicating how the measurement is taken. This is good for the factory to see so that you measure in the same way, to not have any discrepancies and misunderstandings. 

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